I'm Vinny, a Lead Product Designer based in London, specialising in crafting experiences that enhance the daily lives of millions of customers.

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Over a decade, my commitment has been focused on contributing to organisations striving to amplify their customer experience, establish proficient design teams, and elevate their design capabilities.


  • Product Design
  • UX & UI Design
  • Design Leadership
  • Design Operations
  • Development Optimisation
  • Digital Transformation

I'm currently responsible for designing and delivering the everyday banking services for more than 100 million customers worldwide. It's a challenge in the banking world, nudging us to go all out in ensuring our customers have the absolute best experience possible.

My expertise primarily revolves around navigating extensive and intricate design challenges at scale, all the while concentrating on fostering teamwork and strong leadership.

My main focus has been to coordinate the delivery of outstanding customer experiences while simultaneously nurturing the growth of a design team and organisation into a fully developed business function.

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