Reinventing Insurance

In charge of devising the product's go-to-market strategy, enhancing customer experience, guiding brand direction, and overseeing design and development. I strategically led a team of designers to shape the product's creative direction and customer journey, channeling our efforts toward high ROI for both customers and business stakeholders.


Lead Product Designer



Key Responsibilities

Creative Direction
Product Design
Visual Design

Identifying the problem

The current state of insurance tends to overlook individual customer requirements. We often end up purchasing standardised packages, whether directly or via brokerages, even when some of the included benefits might not align with our specific needs. This issue underscores the problem of offering non-tailored insurance products that fail to address the unique needs of customers.

Our customers

What were our customers looking for? To find out, we conducted a comprehensive series of interviews and diary studies involving thousands of our customers. Our goal was to gain a deep understanding of how we could tailor an insurance product that truly matched their requirements.

Customers instead of products

Our emphasis aimed to break free from the conventional insurance model and position the customer at the core, exploring how the Aviva offering could seamlessly align and empower the customer.

The end goal

Armed with a comprehensive grasp of our customers’ behaviours, motivations, and the reasoning underlying their insurance purchases, we crafted a “Northstar” concept to represent the desired state.

Following numerous workshops and a multitude of “crazy 8s” sketches, we collectively arrived at the approach of prioritising problem-solving over product-pushing.

The concepts were initially outlined and then transformed into high-fidelity visual designs, aiming to capture the emotional and visual essence of proposed vision.

The conversation

Our Northstar envisioned reinstating the human touch through our conversational UI. We believed that customers should interact with and purchase insurance in a manner comparable to conversing with a trusted friend.

Long live the vision

Our objective was to make a impactful entrance, yet introducing an entirely new product to an established market posed considerable challenges. Moreover, managing a demanding team of c-suite executives added complexity.

As a result, we shifted our approach to a more achievable strategy that aligned with our initial capabilities for the day-one release. This involved reverting to a web-based platform and integrating the core principles of our Northstar concept into a comprehensive multi-product offering.


Are we offering packages that match their home requirements? Can we cut out anything unnecessary to maintain a comprehensive product while keeping costs down?


Can we simplify how families handle multiple cars? How can we offer complete coverage for new drivers within a family? How do we ensure customers stay with us beyond just one year?


Can we offer a package that suits frequent flyers with improved coverage? Can we enhance how we handle unexpected problems?


Premier Status

AvivaPlus demanded a distinction beyond ordinary insurance; it required a brand that customers could confidently recognise as a cut above the rest. Every aspect, from service to product to experience, has been meticulously tailored to present a sense of exclusivity, opulence, and premium quality upon the customers. Our journey of exploration led us to delve into a fresh brand design language, one that would amplify the existing brand identity without compromising its integrity.

Launch day

From concept to launch in just 10 months, we introduced an innovative subscription-based insurance model to the market, catering to customers seeking to bundle their home, motor, and travel coverage. Our nationwide marketing campaign accompanied the launch, marking a proud achievement for all those who contributed.