HSBC Evolve

Global Markets Trading Platform

Responsible for the design and development of HSBC Global Markets Trading Platform, aimed at streamlining end to end trading activities.


Lead Product Designer


2019 - 2020

Key Responsibilities

UX & UI Design
Product Strategy


Systematically identify and align our clients specific requirements with the array of global opportunities available to them, ensuring a strategic and tailored approach.


Efficiently aggregate and synthesise all inquiry data into easily digestible and actionable information, facilitating informed decision-making.


Comprehensive management of deals, spanning the entire process from pre-trade to post-trade, ensuring a seamless and well-coordinated workflow.


Embarked on international journeys to gain deep insights into our diverse customer base, engaging with bankers, brokers, and sales executives. Through discussions, shadowing, observation, and interviews, we sought to unravel ways in which Evolve could enhance and enrich their daily operations.


Discerned critical touch-points within our platform, aiming to enhance our feature set and elevate the overall customer experience. Facilitated engaging sessions with senior stakeholders, employing whiteboard discussions to pinpoint valuable data insights. This strategic approach ensured the maximisation of customer investments in Evolve.


Transforming our concepts into functional prototypes enabled us to seamlessly share them with stakeholders beyond the Global Markets department. We extended this outreach to Asset Management, Private Wealth, and Institutional Investments, validating the platform's ability to unify these sectors into a cohesive single-dashboard view.


Establishing direct feedback channels, such as surveys and direct interactions within Evolve, furnished us with crucial insights on enhancing our proposition directly from platform users. This iterative process led to successive rounds of design and development, refining our experiences to align seamlessly with customer needs.

Design within your environment

Sketch, Figma, Photoshop? None of these were the tools of choice when developing the Evolve Platform. Our approach was more straightforward. We cultivated an environment within our platform itself for constructing journeys directly. This approach reduced the necessity for extensive design, testing, and validation. We adopted a ‘build once, test with customers, and deploy’ strategy, significantly streamlining our processes. This became particularly pivotal when catering to the rapid demands of our institutional clients, ensuring a swift and efficient response.

Live prototyping

Build your journeys directly and collaborate with peers without the need of reviews, critics or stakeholder sessions.

Connect direct

A pipeline of customers who are able to test and validate directly without the need of testing sessions.


Saved in development cost by creating standalone applications


Pilot participants available 37 markets testing new features


Daily monies passed through different sectors of the bank


Enquires leading to new money prospects by Evolve