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I introduced M&S's first digital food delivery service, allowing customers to get groceries and take-away meals within an hour of ordering on their mobile. I led the planning, creative direction, and customer experience design for how users shop and checkout. I also set up processes for M&S's future deliveries across the business.

M&S Foodhall delivery


Lead Product Designer



Key Responsibilities

Creative Direction
Visual Design

One-hour delivery

Our expedited one-hour delivery service was designed to accommodate customers leading busy lives, offering them a healthy dining option that stood apart from typical take-out choices. The emergence of M&S delivery was driven by the growing demand from customers seeking an alternative to fast-food, with an emphasis on maintaining high-quality standards. This innovative approach not only provided convenience but also elevated the expectations for on-demand dining experiences.


Finding our feet

We delved into the ways in which the brand could expand to embrace this proposition, envisioning its seamless integration among competitors while asserting itself as a frontrunner in the food delivery domain. Our exploration encompassed a multitude of pathways; including brand direction, photography styles, colour palettes, and iconography, as we strived to craft a distinctive and compelling visual identity.

PantoneĀ® Neutral Black C

PantoneĀ® 120 C

PantoneĀ® 361 C

Creative Direction

Styling the food

We discovered that people predominantly make their eating choices based on visual appeal. Our goal was to showcase the exquisite range of food offered by M&S, collaborating closely with food stylists to effectively capture and present our offerings in the most appealing and enticing manner.


All our images came straight from the kitchen, maintaining an unaltered representation. We avoided any elaborate artificial enhancements to stay authentic of the culinary experience.


We explored our visual design possibilities for accentuating the dishes in their natural form. Emphasising colours to infuse vitality and vibrancy into the dishes.

Laying the pixels

Having a well-defined brand direction, we set our sights on shaping the entire customer journey. This involved not only how customers would browse and search but also how they would view products, make purchases, manage their shopping baskets, and smoothly navigate the checkout process. Our goal was to create a seamless and satisfying experience at every step of their interaction with our platform.


Steer customers towards engaging with our Foodhall or Groceries offerings


View all products and easily switch between Foodhall or Groceries

View details

Learn more about an individual product and see what pairs well

Add to basket

Effortlessly add a multitude of products to your basket without facing any obstacles


Create an account to return to your basket or complete checkout


Add your delivery details and payment information for completion


In an impressive feat, our proposition was successfully introduced to the London market a mere 7 months after its inception. With a strategic roadmap charting our expansion into four more cities as part of our growth trajectory, London played a pivotal role as a testing ground for assessing customer interaction with our proposition. The favourable reception of the visual design and creative direction not only from our valued customers but also from our executives reinforced the success in our approach. This early success instilled a strong foundation for our continued journey of growth and refinement.


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