Property Portal

I was responsible for the enhancement of the online property portal's visual direction and experience design, aimed at making it incredibly user-friendly for our community of 20 million monthly customers. By refining how customers explore, filter, and view properties. Notably, we achieved a significant 13% increase in conversion rates for estate agents by improving how customers effortlessly identify, quickly scan, and thoroughly absorb essential property data. This thoughtful optimisation resulted in a boost in revenue and sales, marking a win-win for all involved.


Lead Product Designer


2018 - 2019

Key Responsibilities

Visual Design
UX Design
Design Operations

Defining the baseline

At Zoopla, we faced a design and development fragmentation issue. Our platform had numerous components lacking both consistency in user experience and underlying code. I was entrusted with a pivotal mission: unifying all these disparate elements, pinpointing the variations, and devising a comprehensive strategy to address this challenge in the upcoming months.

Redefine the look and feel

By redefining our starting point, we had a chance to give our design system a whole new look. We looked at how we could make colors better, update button styles, and improve our forms.

Document the journey

Lacking a cohesive framework for maintaining our design library, we embarked on a journey to integrate these elements into a unified process. This aimed to provide comprehensive support for design, business, and development needs.

Set the standard

We were presented with a chance to establish streamlined protocols for engaging with development teams, fostering improved collaboration and heightened efficiency in the process.

Send to all

We required a method to effectively convey this information to the entire organisation. We aimed to foster involvement by encouraging feedback and enlisting everyone in understanding the collective direction our team was pursing.


Breaking it down

As part of our ongoing refinement efforts, we meticulously examined key components to identify opportunities for improvement and streamlining. Our focus was on optimising all data points to fully capitalise on their potential to drive forward in our funnel, effectively bolstering support for both our valued customers and estate agents.

We know what a home is really worth. So let us help you find yours.

— Zoopla

The conversion funnel

Our main goals were helping customers find their perfect homes and connecting estate agents with potential clients. We focused on improving our process to get more customers to reach out to agents, while also giving customers all the info they needed before contacting an agent. We achieved this by studying how people used our website, using eye-tracking software, and analysing data. These insights helped us figure out the best ways to make our customer journey smoother.



My tenure at Zoopla was brief, yet remarkably impactful. We pioneered a comprehensive design framework from scratch, a pivotal foundation. Every element across the platform, which serves millions of users daily, underwent identification and standardisation. Furthermore, we strategically fine-tuned our funnels, resulting in enhanced customer satisfaction and heightened agent conversion rates.


Conversion rate increase


Unique components across platform


Design System in place saves development time


Increase from new property cards